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Talent6 posts thousands of new casting calls for every imaginable job in show business every week. After creating online portfolios containing basic info and pictures as well as video and audio clips, members can browse through these available casting calls or get discovered by over 1,000 Casting Directors and Photographers searching for just the right faces.

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    when i called first to setup and account with your company i made sure over and over with the representative on the phone that my monthly fees which i may your company would be fully refunded if positive contact in 90 days from casting directors. He made it seem that i was crazy for asking the same thing over and over and now when i canceled my account after not recieving any calls the representative laughed and said read the contract over again and gave me back $1.99 this has gone far enough, i demand my refund in full for all the payments i have made to the organization. More...
  • SCAM !!!

    Talent 6 is a huge scam !! They just tell you $1.99 cost and then without any notice, they will charge $35 to your credit card EVERY MONTH!! Horrible !!! Never mention that there is no way to spend $35 EVERY MONTH for this kind of site. Plus customer service is just reading manual, no brain. More...
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  • Read Fine Print Before Joining! Very Tricky Company...

    Just be careful when you get the $1.98 service. After a free 14 day trial you will be billed about $60.00, if you don't inquire and find out you need to cancel your service before the 14 days are up. It's purposefully confusing that way. Read the terms and conditions. Also, it's easiest to never sign up at all. Once you've paid 1.98, in order to cancel and get a hold of them it takes being on hold for like 15 minutes, then a sales person talking to you forever about how you need to stay. They had me talk to 2 different sales people in fact. They also do NOT tell... More...
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  • So you want to be a Background Extra

    I worked as a background extra for nearly 5 years when i lived in the Los Angeles area. If someone is sure this is what they want to do, then they need to sign up with Central Casting. The only jobs you will get at first are non-union ones and they pay usually $52 for 8hrs, time and half, and double time for longer hours. once you become union, the pay is usually $108 for first 8hrs. i used a booking service, which meant while i was working on a set, they were booking me a job for the next day. Living in the desert you will not get many jobs, you need to move to the Los Angeles/Hollywood... More...
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  • Not Happy at all

    DO NOT DO IT!!!! they fail to tell you while setting up everything that you can not refund your money within the 90 days, AND if you get contacted, you can't get your money back at all!!!! I told the lady I was nervous and didn't want to submit personal bank information, and she pressured me into doing it. That is my fault i know. Complete scam!!! It can be good money but I live in the middle of nowhere and their is no jobs!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! More...
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  • Leading the Entertainment Industry

    Here is a great article showing how TALENT6 is leading the entertainment industry, this time with America's Got Talent... Read on! October 14, 2009 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Talent6, the leading online casting community for actors, extras and reality television, is currently working with NBC Television’s wildly entertaining amateur talent contest and perennial ratings hit, “America’s Got Talent.” “America’s Got Talent,” hosted by Nick Cannon and judged by Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff,... More...
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  • Don't Register!!!!!

    I just tried to cancel my membership to Talent 6 and was informed that it was their policy to ONLY give refunds AFTER the 90 guaranteed period of being contacted. It was never explained that you couldn't cancel for a full refund before 90 days, regardless of being contacted. They're very slick and tricky in the way they word it to you. Like okay they guarantee you'll be contacted by a potential opportunity within 90 days, but they don't tell you you can't get a refund before the 90 days is up if you don't like the service. More...
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  • Talent6 Does Work

    Talent6 is one of the premeire Talent Casting Agencies period. Just do a Google for "Talent6 & LA Ink" or "Talent6 & Biggest Loser" or "Talent6 & Prison Break" or Talent and just about any major reality TV Production including Big Brother, Survivor, and will be assisting with American Idol next season. I highly doubt Kat Vod D or Biggest Loser would use them as an exclusive source for contestants if they were not legit. Don't take my word for it, look yourself on Google. T6 has over 1.3 MILLION members and hands down is the largest... More...
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  • I just wanted to be an extra!

    -Cost 45 bucks to have a page, then an extra 35 bucks a month to be able to talk to people. -Majority of jobs in my area were unpaid. -If you don't live in a big city you probably won't see many jobs. -Make sure if your not interested in the monthly subscription you call them and cancel before your free 2 weeks is up or they will automatically charge you. On top of that you have to wait the next month to cancel, that's a bunch of BS. -When you talk to a representative ask about the refund. I'm confused here, they say if you haven't been contacted you... More...
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  • Awesome Company

    I have used Talent6 for my modeling career and it has helped me so much! I started out just doing print work but now I'm in runway and fashion shows! Its a great company. It made me a success story. I would suggest to try it before you knock it cause at first i thought it was too good to be true. It was only $45 for the professional portfolio and they have photographers on the site who will take pics for free, its call TFP/TFC. Try it, its worth it! More...
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  • learn to use talent6

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  • Talent6 Great company

    I have personally been with Talent6 as a member for over a year now and it has done nothing but good things for me. Unlike some of the people who are complaining about this website, i have been proactive with it. Submitting to casting calls, updating my portfolio, checking my messages and i have gotten a lot of gigs. And Talent6 also guarantees that if your not contacted within 90 days then at that 90 day point your $45 one time start up fee is fully refundable, and even if they do end up refunding your money they still let you keep the portfolio for life! And they have a great customer... More...
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  • Hang On A Minute

    Talent 6 has allowed me to locate people that wish to be actors for my series of short films. The people on this site just want a chance to be seen and this site allows me to help them without all of the Hollywood red tape. It is a good thing and I'm sorry for those that were not chosen and feel bitter about it. Personally I'm glad they are there, it has made my casting job much easier. Thanks Talent6, Paul More...
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  • Tricked

    I was scammed by this service! They charged me $45.00 for membership registration, and then agian they charged me $2.00 for a CD and $35.00 for monthly membership without my authorization !?? They never told/sent me any information regarding monthly fees by mail, email or phone! When I talked to them about this unexpected charges, they never accept to refund my money back. I canceled both membership and credit card! Be careful, they are tricky. Never ever, give your credit card information to such company!! More...
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  • From the other side

    I placed an ad on Craigslist for a vocalist to sing 2 songs at my Eastern Star installation. Later I received an email from Talent6 informing me that they had placed my Craigslist ad on their site and so I was now a member of Talent6. They even assigned me a user name and password. If I want my ad off their site, I have to log in with the password. Do not pay these people any money, they are just grabbing ads off the internet where you can find them for free! More...
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  • Talent6 selected for Entertainment Standard of Excellence by WebAwards

    Talent6, a San Francisco based entertainment company has been selected as a winner in the WebAward Competition for Entertainment Standard of Excellence and Online Community Standard of Excellence. The Web Marketing Association is the producer of the WebAward Competition. Now in its 12th year, the WebAwards is the premier annual website award competition that names the best Web sites in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for all website development. Talent6 Entertainment Standard of Excellence Award is in good company with fellow award winners, such as, Disney, USA... More...
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  • refund

    I haven't had much time to take the opportunity to set up my account with Talent6 as I thought I would be when I sign up for it. I paid my membership fee of 45.00. I wasn't aware or I just missed the fact that they charge a service for of 19.98 each month. Being as which I don't use the service due to my job and children I decided to cancel my membership. I was told that I would have to wait 90days before I could receive a refund. When I asked about the 19.98 service charge would that be refunded also and the guy I spoke with said yes. The time came for me to call back for my... More...
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Talent6 Comments

JazzySinatra says: (8 years ago)
I saw the Talent6 ad in careerbuilder and thought it was a pretty cool thing. I always wanted to be on tv just for fun, so I decided to call their 800 number. I called and was placed on a brief hold, then I was taken off the hold and was answered with a very unprofessional "Hello?" Right from that moment I became suspicious, and there were very many awkward pauses as she was trying to read her "script" with the very little english she knew. I was stupid enough to give her my full name and zip code, but when she asked me for my phone number I finally decided to listen to my conscience and hang up the phone. Hopefully that is not enough information for them to do anything to me.

After hanging up I did the research, and obviously Talent6 is a fraud. They say they want all sorts of people for background work in movies...but why limit to people from ages 18 to 87? Aren't there children in backgrounds too? Well obviously those under 18 do not have a bank account, therefore Talent6 would simply be wasting their time on those they can't take money from.

DO NOT call....it took me a bit to pay attention to my conscience, but it is easy for them to suck in someone who is so passionate about being on tv or for someone who is desperately in search for a well-paying job.

yanine310 says: (8 years ago)
i just became a member whit them i hope everything turns out great ..

Analicia91 says: (8 years ago)
Seriously, I know it has become common practice to jus skip over reading the Terms&Conditions when you join things, but we should all probably stop. I stupidly signed up and paid the $1.98, and a day later decided to do the research. They're not a scam in the traditional sense, because everything they do is legit (for the most part; im not going to undermine what has happened to some other people, I know how these companies can be). The reason what they do is legit is because everything they do is spelled out in their Terms&Conditions, which I have put here for any future people who may fall for Talent6's little subtle tricks. They tell you how they're going to charge you, how much, and how you accept that they can change the price at any time, they say how they're not a casting agency or anything, just a "venue" and they give you a very short amount of time to cancel ALL services, which they don't tell you until the end of the Terms&Conditions (hopefully I am able to do it in time). When you call and sign up, they don't tell you any of this. Considering what Ihave heard has happened to some people I am now scared that they might try it on me, hopefully not, but luckily I kind of found out in time, because I am going to send the fax to say I don't want their services and hopefully get a refund and stop any billing. Best of Luck to all of you and remember be wise, there's a reason they put those Terms&Conditions there for you to read. Hopefully one day people can stop being so evil, sneaky and just downright grimy.

Acceptance of terms of use

These Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Use ("Terms") are between Talent6 and "you", the person using Talent6 materials, web site and Member Services department ("Our Services"). By using Our Services you accept the Terms.

We occasionally change these Terms. Refer to Terms and Conditions section on our website (www.Talent6.com) for changes.

In order to become a Member, you must be at least 18 years of age or have parental permission to be a part of Talent6. You must also agree that your registration information is accurate, that you are not misrepresenting yourself in any way, and that you will not share your username, password, or account information with any other person. Talent6 services should not be used for any improper, objectionable or immoral purposes.

Terms of purchase

You understand that Talent6 is not a talent agency or a talent scout, the site is only a venue.

Lifetime Portfolio

All Talent6 Members pay a registration fee (currently $1.98) for a lifetime portfolio and video acting lessons. Lifetime portfolios are posted on the Talent6.com website for casting directors and producers to view and contact Members directly for upcoming projects. A lifetime portfolio consists of photos submitted by the Member and information about the Member's interests, skills, experience and other pertinent information that allows the opportunity for the Member to be positioned in front of entertainment professionals. As long as you are a registered Member of Talent6, your lifetime portfolio will remain active on Talent6.com and viewable by industry professionals.

Continuity Membership

New Members receive a 14-day trial in which they can submit to casting calls. After your 14-day trial period your membership continues at $59.80 per month and will be automatically charged/debited on or about that same date to the credit card you provide today or from the checking account associated with the debit card you provide today. Your trial begins on the day you register as a Member of Talent6. The first monthly fee will be charged the day after your trial ends; monthly charges will be made on the same date in subsequent months. You are responsible for monthly charges for continuity membership while you are a Member of Talent6, even if you do not submit to casting calls or use other Talent6 services. You accept that Talent6 may change its fees or services at any time.


We guarantee that you will be contacted by a casting director within 90 DAYS after you become a Member of Talent6. If you are not contacted, we will gladly refund your registration fee.

Membership Termination; Refunds

You may cancel your continuity membership at any time with no further obligation. When your continuity membership ends, you will automatically lose access to casting call listings and certain other features of Talent6, but your lifetime portfolio will remain active for talent searches by industry professionals. Cancellations must be made by telephone. Please call Member Support at 1-800-710-​4210 Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm Pacific time.

If you have been a Member for 90 days and have not been contacted by a casting director, you are eligible for a refund of your registration fee. Refund requests must be made by telephone. Please call Member Support at 1-800-710-​4210 Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm Pacific time. If your registration fee is refunded, your lifetime portfolio will be removed from Talent6.com and your continuity membership will automatically be canceled. Monthly fees for continuity membership are not refundable.

No Resale Of Our Service

You agree not to access, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of our services.


Talent6 is not responsible for any inappropriate, inaccurate, lewd, violent, or otherwise offensive content that any Member includes in their portfolio, photos, audio or video, or messages. However, Talent6 reserves the right to monitor communications between you and other Members as well as all content posted on the Portfolio, including text, photos, video and audio clips. Any content - including messages to other Members or Guests - may be rejected if they contain material that Talent6 considers inappropriate. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members, Guests, Casting Directors, or Photographers.

Examples of what may be considered inappropriate content:

Sharing casting call information with non-paying members.
Content that is not your own, copy written, or is used without permission. This includes text, photos, audio clips and videos.
Using curse words or abusive or violent language.
Soliciting other members for contact information.
Repeatedly sending the same or similar messages to one Member.
"Spamming" or sending out mass messages to other Members, including advertising, chain letters or junk email to other Members.*
Providing your own phone number or home or work address in your portfolio or messages.
Disclosing your password to any third party or permitting any third party to access your account.
Soliciting other members to engage in criminal activity including child pornography, stalking, fraud, trafficking in obscene material, gambling, drug dealing, harassment, sending viruses or other harmful files, copyright infringement, patent infringement, or theft of trade secrets.
Attempting to impersonate another Member or person.
Selling or otherwise transferring your portfolio.
Any automated use of the system to add contacts, messages, etc.
Using any information obtained from Talent6 to harm, demean or offend any other person.
Using Talent6 services in a way that breaks laws and regulations that apply to you.
Using Talent6 services for any commercial purposes (no member can solicit another member for casting purposes without first signing up as a Casting Director with Talent6).

If a messages include any of the above or any other content that Talent6 will label as inappropriate at our discretion, it may be rejected and not allowed on Talent6.

By posting any content on Talent6, you give Talent6 full permission to publish, display or use this content in any way within the Talent6 website, services, and company.

Privacy policy

Talent6 understands the importance of privacy for our members. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at privacy@talent6.com.

In order to register as a member of Talent6, you have provided certain personal information including your name, e-mail address, username and password, contact address, phone number, and credit card information. Talent6 retains and uses this information for the following reasons:

To inform you about casting calls and provide other content we feel may be of interest to you.
To collect membership fees.
To maintain the security of our website.
To adjust and improve our marketing techniques and customized content, products and services.
To comply with applicable law in response to a subpoena, court order, or other legal process whether or not a response is required under applicable law; or it is necessary to share the information in order to enforce Talent6's terms of use or investigate or prevent illegal activity or possible harm to the physical safety of any person.
Talent6 will not sell, share or rent user information, member, or former member information, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment information, as well as aggregate statistical information, to a third party or marketing partner.
If you prefer that Talent6 not reveal any of your information to a third party, please follow this link to set your privacy information preferences.

Set your privacy preferences


The Site is only a venue. The Site acts as a venue for member companies to post casting opportunities and for candidates to post their own portfolios for the purpose of researching and evaluating casting opportunities for themselves. Talent6 does not screen or censor the profiles or other information. Because user authentication on the Internet is difficult, Talent6 cannot and does not confirm that each user is who they claim to be. Talent6 expects that you will use caution and common sense when using the Site.

Talent6 is not involved in the actual transaction between member companies and candidates. As a result, Talent6 has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the casting calls or profiles posted, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of member companies to offer casting opportunities to candidates or the ability of candidates to fill casting openings. In addition, note that there are risks, including but not limited to the risk of physical harm, of dealing with strangers, foreign nationals, underage persons or people acting under false pretenses. You assume all risks associated with dealing with other users with whom you come in contact through the Site.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, content and accuracy of any portfolio or material contained therein placed by you on the Site. Member companies are solely responsible for their postings on the Site.

Talent6 does not warrant or guarantee that a portfolio or casting call posting will be viewed by any specific number of users, or that it will be viewed by any user.

Talent6 is not to be considered to be an employer with respect to your use of the Site, and Talent6 shall not be responsible for any decisions, for whatever reason, made by any entity posting on the Site.

In no case will you hold Talent6 responsible in any way for any harm incurred by the use of our services, including any loss of income that results from use of Talent6 services.

Right to Cancel Contract

You may cancel this agreement, without penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) following the day on which you became a Member of Talent6. To cancel this agreement, send a signed and dated notice to Talent6 within the three-day cancellation period, stating that you, the buyer, are canceling this agreement, or words to that effect. Please include your Talent6 user name and email address in the notice. You may send the cancellation notice to Talent6 by mail or fax. The mailing address is: Refund Request, Talent6, 1100 Grundy Lane, San Bruno, CA 94066. The fax number is: (415) 276-​8953. If you cancel this agreement within the cancellation period, Talent6 will refund the full amount of your registration and your lifetime portfolio will be removed from Talent6.com.

andrebolla says: (8 years ago)
Talent 6 is bullshit you can never contact them and then when you do they say wait another 30 days to redeem them selves and give you another job offer it was less then 30 days and they charged me another $34.00 and when you call them the line is either disconnected or some bullshit about being on hold for 30 minutes. I have been with them for over a year the jobs are bullshit and I live in big time Los Angeles close to Sony, Paramount, the Staples Center, the Shrine, The Kodak Theatre, The Greek, The Bridge , Home Depot Center, and I mean everything and they can't hook me up for over a year that is bullshit. I'm calling the bank now and filling an affidavit they just refuse to cooperate and get you a gig I mean its over a year. Nothing has changed with them. They just tell you anything and charge you credit card over and over. Talk to Hill Harper from CSI New York and head of SAG about legislation to stop
For the second time in six weeks, SAG takes strong action against scam artists looking to prey upon actors

Los Angeles, CA (August 26, 2004) --- Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an anti-scam bill on Tuesday that amends the California Advance Talent Service Act (AFTS). The bill (SB 1687), which goes into effect January 1, 2005, was co-sponsored by Screen Actors Guild and Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo. Calif. State Senator Kevin Murray (D-Culver City) introduced the bill and championed it through the legislature and signing.
The Advance Talent Service Act passed in 1999, but scammers found a way around the law and continued to charge up-front fees for acting classes and photographs. SB 1687 closes a loophole specifying that the term "advance fee" includes a fee paid for the purchase of a good or service in order to obtain representation, counseling or promotion .
SAG President Melissa Gilbert, who worked closely with State Senator Murray and City Attorney Delgadillo on this legislation, said, "This law will protect unsuspecting parents, children and aspiring actors from paying for false promises of stardom. I am proud that SAG was part of this effort that will stop these cruel scams once and for all. I commend Senator Murray, City Attorney Delgadillo and Governor Schwarzenegger for taking a stand and stopping this practice."
Senator Murray said: "I am very pleased this bill was signed into law. This closes the loophole on talent scammers who have been snubbing the intention of the AFTS Act in order to take advantage of people entering the entertainment business."

Pasted from

grafton says: (8 years ago)
i was a background extra for about 5 years and worked in the Los Angeles area all the time. Central Casting is the place to go if you really want to do this kind of work. However, starting out as a non-union extra the pay is not that great, usually $52 for the first 8hrs, time and half from 9 to 11 hrs, then double time 12hrs or more. After you get work through Central Casting, try joining a booking service so while you are on a set working, they are booking you for the next day. When i became union, pay went to $108 for the first 8hrs, but be warned - union jobs are hard to get, it takes time and the casting agencies need to know you.

Junior says: (8 years ago)
This is a scam. They started off charging me $45 for the wweb page. Then started a monthly $35 subscription that has now turned into a biweekly charge to my credit card. DO NOT SIGN WITH THESE PEOPLE! They are a scam!

scammerssuck says: (9 years ago)
okay so i just saw their add on the local news paper. i had never heard of them before or anything like them. so i thought i would give it a try. im 18 years old and now im afraid that i just made a big mistake! right after i got off the phone with him i looked up Talent6. i went to google and all i typed in was Talent 6 and next thing i know, google is suggesting talent 6 scams, talent 6 casting scams, and stuff like that! so now im freaking out because i dont know what to do. obviously it is a scam because many people have had problems with them. all i wanted was to get some extra cash to go camping with my fiance. and now i think im pretty well screwed over. i would not suggest them! in fact, stay away from them! they are a scam and all they want is your money! dont me like me and just do it before you research them! do your homework before you make that mistake i and every one else made! by the way, Ben Kelley is the guy i got and he just repeated a bunch of the same things over and over again which started to make worry! and plus he is very rude, non profesional, and doesn't listen to what you ask! beware!

h0llyw00dhreicome says: (9 years ago)
talent 6 has gotten me 15 jobs witbin the last 6 weeks. I have been working 4days a weed making
$300 day only working 3 hours. can't complain.just be proactive like they say.and I recommend that when you call speak with a rep named dylan

paconi says: (9 years ago)
I called to inquire about their ad - the lady on the phone gave me the prepared statements. When I asked detailed questions she repeated her script. When I told her I would look into the company before joining, she rudely stated - give us a call when you're serious about wanting a job.
Unprofessional, Rude, Immature

mars says: (9 years ago)
this is total bullshit. i was stupid enough to pay for this service then after reading so many negative comments i called to cancel. they refunded my money however automatically charged my card the following month $45. i was so pissed so i called back and canceled again.they told me the last person must have "forgot" to put it in the system that i had canceled. ridiculous!

Manos says: (9 years ago)
Extremely rude and quick.obviously i was seen as dollar bill.when i asked a little bit of time to think about it, the lady on the phone practically attacked me. Stay away people

malrose says: (9 years ago)
I called Talent6 to be a movie extra. The guy on the phone was extremely quick with me and downright rude. When I told him I had to think about paying $45 to register, he practically started an argument with me, then hung up before I could say goodbye/thank you. DO NOT call Talent6.

Mistake says: (9 years ago)
Dont Trust Them!
I was scamed by this service
They charged me $45.00 for membership registration.
After two weeks, they charged me again $2.00 for a CD and $35.00 for monthly membership without my authorization !??
They never sent me any information regarding monthly fees by mail, email or phone! when I talked to them about this unexpected charges, they never accept to refund my money back. I canceled both membership and credit card!
Be careful, they are tricky. Never ever, give your credit card information to such company!!

Mistake says: (9 years ago)
Dont Trust Them!
I was scamed by service
They charged me $45.00 for membership registration.
After two weeks, they charged me again $2.00 for a CD and $35.00 for monthly membership without my authorization !??
They never sent me any information regarding monthly fees by mail, email or phone! when I talked to them about this unexpected charges, they never accept to refund my money back. I canceled both membership and credit card!
Be careful, they are tricky. Never ever, give your credit card information to such company!!

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